Hey girl, buy the size up.

Hey girl,
Buy the size up.

Let go of the toxic relationship you have with those too small jeans you keep in your closet.
They represent the idea that your body at this size isn’t desirable or worthy.
You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. ✌🏻

^ those are the words I told myself about the pair of overall shorts I had being holding onto in the hopes that “someday” they’d fit again. Truthfully all they did was serve as a daily gut punch that made me feel like my current body wasn’t good enough.

This summer they hit the donate pile SO fast, and this new pair replaced them. That tiny shift felt like the biggest weight lifted off, even if it wasn’t those extra pounds.

Do you have any “when I’m skinny again” reminders in your closet?
It’s time to let ‘em go! ✌🏻

New year, same you.

“New Year, same me.”

I know I know. You’ve probably seen this quote floating around A LOT the past few days.

Hear me out.

Since, I don’t know FOREVER?! January has been full of new diets, new fads, change.
But WHY do we feel the need to overhaul ourselves just because the year is different?

I like who I am! The extra 2020 weight and all! 😜
Do I have areas I would like to improve in? Sure!
But just because it’s 2021 does NOT mean I’m going to just suddenly be able to be a morning person or hate pizza and cookies.
I honestly don’t see a need to put all the pressure on myself to attempt to be someone I’m not. Who the hell has time for that?!

If you’re feeling the pressure to loose weight, make a big change or take a big leap- we don’t need to rush those things. Take your time. Starting in January doesn’t make those things any easier or more important. ❤️
And damn it, here is to always improving the people we are, NOT trying to completely change them. 👏🏻

Embracing the “Flaws”

That voice inside my head that’s always telling me “You can’t wear tight fitted clothing. You have to hide that mom belly!” has been getting a lot quieter lately. I’m more in a “I’ll wear whatever the hell I want” place now.

Just because that belly has been stretched to the max not once, but THREE times, does not mean I should hide it away. Do I prefer it safely tucked inside my high waisted jeggings? You bet. But I’m no longer shying away from those adorable bodysuits and tighter tops because of that little voice that society has planted in my head.

To the new mom whose body feels foreign. To the mom who thought she’d loose the baby weight by now. To the mom strategically covering her “problem areas”- You are seen. You are beautiful. Your body is bangin’.

Every body is different and worth celebrating. I challenge you to embrace that body- the things you like AND the things you consider “flaws”. Embrace the body that has changed and grown with you. It deserves your love. ❤️