Spring Refresh with Derma E!

February means birthday month for me, which has me thinking more and more about my down hill dissent to 30. 🥴 My skin and hair have been much more of a priority for me in my late 20’s, so I’m always on the hunt for ethical beauty products that fit my needs.

I have tried quite a few Derma E brand products in the past, and loved them all! I was excited to branch out from just skin care products and give their hair products a try!

I’ve been using their Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner in place of my normal volumizing set for a few weeks now and I am obsessed with the spearmint tinkle it has! It just feels clean and like it’s plumping my hair. 😉 I have always had fine strands m, and this definitely gives the same boost that my go-to does!

These three gems?! They have been god sends for my hair in the cold temps and dry winter air. I’ve been using the thickening spray every day, and the scalp relief and repair oil on hair wash days. My hair is getting the moisture it definitely needs in a harsh transition to spring.

I spend the majority of my work day in front of screens, so adding the blue light shield spray and serum was a necessity! Both are very light weight and I’m glad to have an extra layer of protection on my skin!

Which product would you want to try the most?!

Summertime Skin Care

Not too long ago my skin care regimen consisted of makeup removing wipes and maybe moisturizer. My skin definitely suffered because of it.

At 27 I now have a solid skin care routine, but when the seasons and weather changes, I have to adjust accordingly.

When Derma E kindly gifted me these new products, I was excited to add to my routine to keep my skin healthy during the summer months.

+CBD Relief

Out of all the products I was most excited to try the CBD products. Skin De-Stress? Yes please. I use the serum and moisturizer everyday, and use the cleanser every other day. Since adding them my skin hasn’t been as dry and the red spots I would get have gotten less noticeable. They are very gentle and lightweight on my normally sensitive skin as well!


This is where I was a little skeptical on actually switching up my routine. My acne prone skin is not a fan of many different cleansers and I have been pretty happy with what I was previously using.

I used the Universal Cleansing balm in place of my usual oil based cleanser and I was pleasantly surprised that it melted my makeup and cleaned my skin just as well as my go-to cleanser did! I followed up with the Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Cloud Cleanser to in place of Micellar Water I usually use. So far both cleansers have done a great job. No extra breakouts, over oily, or dried out skin!

Restoring Lotion- Summer MUST

I don’t know about you, but my skin tends to try out a lot in the summer because of all the time in the sun and water. This lotion is lightweight but not too lightweight. You know, that perfect consistency that actually feels like it’s working. An added bonus is how AMAZING the Tyme and Lemongrass smell together. Summer in a bottle.

My Favorite Product

Out of all of the great products I received, I’m the most in love with the Vitamin C Instant Radiance Citrus Facial Peel. My skin looks AND feels so good after using it. It smells AMAZING and those are actual chunks of citrus peel on my face. I mean, what’s not love?!

Fresh Summer Skin Care Routine

These products have been such a refreshing addition for my skin and have helped me welcome the warm weather without taking a toll!

To shop the products I reviewed, head HERE or click the photo below!

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