August Outfit Summary

Another month of this crazy year has come and gone, and now we’re at back-to-school time already!

As sad as I am to say goodbye to summer, September is one of my very favorite months! Before I get too excited about the start of fall, let’s get to last months outfits!

In August I focused a little on finding pieces and outfits to help ease the transition into fall. If you’ve been around for a bit you know I tend to focus on finding items that aren’t truly season specific, but can be worn multiple ways in multiple outfits. This month has some new finds that I’m excited to keep styling!

Wondering what these monthly summaries are all about?

Every month I do a summary of all my outfits I have posted on here on the blog for easy navigation and browsing! I know a lot of people don’t use the LTK app, so this is for you!

To shop- you can click each photo for complete details, or use the links below the photo to shop a specific item. Clicking the actual photo will take you straight to the post!

**Note- This post contains affiliate links that earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I personally use and love, or think that my readers will enjoy.

Alright, here we go!

Mom Jeans // Tank // Cardigan- similar HERE // Bralette // Hat // Earrings // Shoes // Bracelet- similar HERE // Ring

Hat // Shirt // Jegging // Bracelet- similar HERE

Top // Skirt // Shoes- similar HERE // Bracelet // Earrings // you can find the rest of my families outfits HERE

$9 tee. 🙌🏻

Tee // Cardigan- similar HERE // Shorts // Jegging // Hat- similar HERE // Shoes- similar HERE // Sandals- similar HERE // Bracelet

Best. Leggings. Everrrrr.

Fabletics Outfit // Sandals // Sunglasses

Shirt // Tank // Shorts // Sandals // Bracelet

This tee is only $8 and comes in a few other colors!

Tee // Mom Jeans // Sandals // Sunglasses

Shirt // Mom Jeans // Shoes- similar HERE // Hat // Bracelet // Earrings // Nail Polish

Shirt // Mom Jeans // Shoes- similar HERE // Bracelet // Earrings

Hat // Tank // Shorts // Bracelet // Sandals // Bag // Nail Polish

Some fun summer to fall transition!

Tank- similar HERE // Kimono // Shorts // Jegging // Hat (Middle) // Hat (Right) // Ring // Sandals (Left) // Sandals (Middle) // Shoes- similar HERE

Outdoor tees are my fav fav.

Shirt– similar HERE // Shorts // Hat // Sunglasses

Which look was your favorite?! Let me know!

If you have any questions about the items above or navigating the app, feel free to contact me here or through instagram!

They Call Me Mama.

No one can prepare you for the high volumes of love that fill your heart when you become a mother, just like no one can prepare you for how hard it can be.

Its only fitting that the thing that brings us the most joy also tests our sanity and patience.

We learn to soak up the small moments, take all the pictures, and the power of a few deep breaths.

We learn that there is no such thing as a perfect mom. That there are different ways to parent and it’s OKAY.

There are hard days. Days where we don’t feel like we can keep giving it all, but somehow we do.

It isn’t easy to see the beauty when you’re in the thick of it all, but these are the days we will one day look back on and wish we could go back and slow time down a bit.

Motherhood is messy, chaotic, wonderfully beautiful, and unlike anything else.

I’m incredibly blessed to have these three precious souls call me mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mamas out there. 🤍


Family Photo Outfits

*This post was originally posted in June 2019, and was edited to add updated links to similar items on July 13, 2020!

Recently my sweet friend (and amazing photographer) Alex, asked myself and a fellow mama Sarah to help her with a little project she was doing. She wanted to put together a Family Photo Outfit post with some different perspectives, and I was more than happy to help! Outfit planning is a hobby and passion of mine, so I was excited to contribute. After spending the time researching and putting it all together, I wanted to come here and expand a little more on my thought process and my tips for choosing these outfits! To read Alex’s in depth blog post click here! She has complied a TON of great info on her Instagram as well!

When we first started this, Alex took a poll on IG and asked her followers to choose a retailer and budget for me. Old Navy was the most common answer, and they set my budget at $200. To be honest, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Having 5 people to plan outfits for is a task, but even more so at ONE store and with a set budget. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun it was to do though!

My first step was to head to Pinterest for inspiration. Having visuals always helps me put everything together! Most of my outfits for pictures are inspired by Pinterest in some way! Whether it’s an outfit/piece (usually for me! 😉), a specific color to build on, or even just a vibe I like! From there I found my color schemes. I wanted to make sure I had a few colors to work with so that finding cohesive pieces for all 5 outfits wasn’t AS challenging. Having those colors to refer back to helped keep my search organized and focused. For this first set, I wanted a brighter color scheme more geared for spring/summer.


Women’s- Dress, similar HERE– $25

Baby/Toddler Boy– Polo, similar HERE $10.97 // Shorts, similar HERE $11.00

Girl– Jacket, similar HERE– $20.00 // Romper, similar HERE – $15.97

Boy- Shorts, similar HERE– $15.00 // Shirt, similar HERE $15.00

Men’s– Shorts, similar HERE– 20.00 // Shirt, similar HERE– $10.00

Total- $142.94

I was originally only going to do one set, but I had so much fun that Alex gave me the go ahead to do another! I wanted this one to be versatile for multiple seasons. Depending on accessories/shoes I feel like these outfits could easily be used for Spring/Summer/Fall for sure, maybe even Winter! Again, I looked to Pinterest for color inspiration. Neutrals and earthy tones are great to add in the mix, because they’re generally easy to find for everyone and it adds balance to the other colors.


*note- this exact Womens dress is sold out, so I included a similar one again!

Women’s- Dress, similar HERE– $24.97

Boys- Shirt, similar HERE – $15,00 // Pants. similar HERE– $12.50

Baby/Toddler Boy- Shirt, similar HERE– $8.00 // Pants, similar HERE $17.00

Girl- Cardigan, similar HERE– $14.00 // Dress, similar HERE– $18.00

Men’s- Shirt, similar HERE– $20.00 // Jeans, similar HERE– $19.97

Total- $149.44

The great thing about Old Navy is they are constantly having sales! When I first compiled these outfit sets, the total came in at $200 for each. Today they came in under! My advice- watch for those sales! You could use the left over funds for accessories, shoes, or just enjoy that extra savings!

Some outfit building tips –

I usually start by finding my own outfit, because let’s face it, it is usually the hardest! I like to find things I know I will feel confident in and will accentuate the features I like the most. After that I go on to find pieces for everyone else- making sure to focus on things that everyone would feel comfortable in and could be worn day to day afterward! I try not to make my family wear things that might annoy them, because it will show in the photos. I also feel better about spending the money on the outfits knowing they weren’t for a one time use! My husband for instance, is very simple in his style. I try to find things that fit his casual vibe, but still work for the overall feel. Opting for a Henley or Polo shirt is an easy switch he can usually do! I am a big fan of layers and texture, so any chance you get to add jackets, sweaters, knee high socks, suspenders, hats, vest, etc etc. – DO IT.

I am so glad Alex asked me to collab on this! It was a blast and I hope to get to do more things like this in the future! ❤️