Get Lost.

Take the top off and get lost. ⠀

new motto.

After 7 months of jeep life, I think it’s safe to say that she’s broke in! ⠀

We stuffed her to the brim with people and camping gear one day, then got her topless and covered the interior with dirt the next.

As we climbed those narrow mountain two tracks right along with the ATV’s and the UTV’s, the words “I’m so happy we bought this” were repeated countless times. I already can’t wait to add another layer of dust next weekend. 👏🏻

Do you have a favorite place to escape to?

I added some photos from our adventures below, but I always post a TON on my IG stories, so make sure to follow there!

May Outfit Summary

May was full of distance learning, outdoor adventures, and trying to adjust to the changes in our lives. It flew by pretty quickly and I can honestly say we’re SO ready for summertime.

Now let’s get to the fun part- the outfits! I didn’t post as many this month (see busyness above 😉) but I did find some spring/summer favorites and throw together some fun pieces!

Wondering what these monthly summaries are all about?

Every month I do a summary of all my outfits I have posted on here on the blog for easy navigation and browsing! I know a lot of people don’t use the LTK app, so this is for you!

Here we go!

To shop- you can click each photo for complete details, or use the links below the photo to shop a specific item. Clicking the actual photo will take you straight to the post!

**Note- This post contains affiliate links that earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I personally use and love, or think that my readers will enjoy.

Top // Shorts // Bag // Sandals // Hat // Bracelets // Necklace

Top- similar HERE // Shorts // Jeggings- similar HERE // Cardigan- similar HERE // Bralette // Sandals // Sneakers // Bracelet

Tank Top- similar HERE // Shorts // Sandals // Bralette // Bracelet // Necklace

Outfit // Sneakers // Hat- similar HERE // Sunglasses

Top // Shorts // Sandals // Necklace // Bracelet- similar HERE

Top- similar HERE // Jeggings // Sandals // Bag

Sweatshirt // Mug

T-Shirt- similar HERE // Cardigan- similar HERE // Shorts // Sandals // Bracelet- similar HERE

Dress- similar HERE // Jacket // Sandals // Hat

Linen Overalls // Tank Top // Hat // Earrings (for links to the kids’ outfits- just click the photo!❤️)

Tank Top (only $8!) // Cardigan- similar HERE // Jeggings // Hat // Shoes // Necklace // Sunglasses

Kimono– might be sold out, similar HERE // Tank Top- similar HERE // Shorts // Bralette // Earrings

If you have any questions about the items above or navigating the app, feel free to contact me here or through instagram!

They Call Me Mama.

No one can prepare you for the high volumes of love that fill your heart when you become a mother, just like no one can prepare you for how hard it can be.

Its only fitting that the thing that brings us the most joy also tests our sanity and patience.

We learn to soak up the small moments, take all the pictures, and the power of a few deep breaths.

We learn that there is no such thing as a perfect mom. That there are different ways to parent and it’s OKAY.

There are hard days. Days where we don’t feel like we can keep giving it all, but somehow we do.

It isn’t easy to see the beauty when you’re in the thick of it all, but these are the days we will one day look back on and wish we could go back and slow time down a bit.

Motherhood is messy, chaotic, wonderfully beautiful, and unlike anything else.

I’m incredibly blessed to have these three precious souls call me mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mamas out there. 🤍


It’s Okay to Just Survive.

Hey mama.

If you are doing more surviving than thriving- this is for you.

(Thanks Jill for that ever so accurate phrase. 😉)

Every time I open my Instagram or Facebook I am greeted with moms who seemingly look like they have it all together. Art projects, perfect schedules, and at home work outs fill up my feed.

Most of me is thinking “Yay you! Get it girl!”, but there is that part of me who gets sucked into feeling less than. Cue the mom guilt.

Navigating 2020 hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve been riding a roller coaster of emotions- for every few “I got this” days, I have a “NO you don’t” day.

Some days everything works. The house gets cleaned, the schedule is followed, the fights are minimal, and we might even squeeze in a fun activity. But those days of simply surviving are VERY real too and that’s okay.

If you’re feeling less than, remember that those kids don’t care if you are perfect. You might not be thriving, but you showed up and that’s what matters.

No matter how your day goes,

YOU are a good mom.