Embracing the “Flaws”

That voice inside my head that’s always telling me “You can’t wear tight fitted clothing. You have to hide that mom belly!” has been getting a lot quieter lately. I’m more in a “I’ll wear whatever the hell I want” place now.

Just because that belly has been stretched to the max not once, but THREE times, does not mean I should hide it away. Do I prefer it safely tucked inside my high waisted jeggings? You bet. But I’m no longer shying away from those adorable bodysuits and tighter tops because of that little voice that society has planted in my head.

To the new mom whose body feels foreign. To the mom who thought she’d loose the baby weight by now. To the mom strategically covering her “problem areas”- You are seen. You are beautiful. Your body is bangin’.

Every body is different and worth celebrating. I challenge you to embrace that body- the things you like AND the things you consider “flaws”. Embrace the body that has changed and grown with you. It deserves your love. ❤️