Summer Ready Swimsuits!

I have got my mind on summer, and summer on my mind. 🏖 Anyone else?!?

We’ve been starting to plan a summer trip, which made me immediately want to start shopping. 😉 Just a few years ago I would dread buying or WEARING a swimsuit. Nothing about it was enjoyable to me. Fast forward to now, and 28 year old me has embraced my body just the way it is and I want ALL the suits! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Below are some of my favorite swim finds! Lots of affordable options because if you’re like me, you can’t have just one!

Keep scrolling for kiddo options!

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You didn’t think I would forget the little ones did you?!

Kids swimsuits are actually one of my most favorite things to buy. Each of my littles has multiple, and they all get plenty of use in the summertime! Below are some of my favorites this season, including some that are perfect for sibling matching for SwimZip! There sun protection is next to none.

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So many cute options! Which is your favorite?

Adventure Family Truth Bomb

A split second from our last adventure that looks like we kind of have our crap together.

Spoiler alert- we do not. 🥴

This fishing trip was short lived and involved some tears, the phrase “use your walking feet” played on repeat, and many tangled fishing lines.

I will never claim our outings run seamlessly, because we have three kids and that’s just not a thing. 😂

We have so many “next time we should…” moments, but we’ve also found so many things that work for us.
The chaos comes with the territory, and doesn’t stop us from adventuring.

Do you have any tried and true tips for outdoor adventures with kids? I always love hearing what works for other people!

Get Lost.

Take the top off and get lost. ⠀

new motto.

After 7 months of jeep life, I think it’s safe to say that she’s broke in! ⠀

We stuffed her to the brim with people and camping gear one day, then got her topless and covered the interior with dirt the next.

As we climbed those narrow mountain two tracks right along with the ATV’s and the UTV’s, the words “I’m so happy we bought this” were repeated countless times. I already can’t wait to add another layer of dust next weekend. 👏🏻

Do you have a favorite place to escape to?

I added some photos from our adventures below, but I always post a TON on my IG stories, so make sure to follow there!

UV Protective Swimwear for Outdoor Adventures

Watch out summer, we’re ready for you!

Around here, summertime means HOURS and HOURS spent outdoors and in the water. You can find us in the mountains, at the lake, or even just in our yard playing with water toys.

Over the years we have found products and brands that fit our active outdoorsy lifestyle and make for smoother adventures. It has taken some trial and error, for sure!

One item that has been a must for us since our oldest was a toddler is rash guards. I can’t stress enough how nice they are to have for little ones! They are perfect for keeping those cute little bellies protected from the sun and scratchy sand, while also providing a little extra warmth while playing in the cold water!

Our favorite brand for rash guards and kids suits in general is SwimZip. While they kindly gifted us the kids swimwear for this summer, we have used them in the past and always had a great experience! I am a big fan of the piece of mind I get knowing that their suits have UPF 50+ protection. Basically wherever the swimsuit covers, they’re protected- meaning less sunscreen applying for mom and dad.

The Swim Suits

Can we talk about the matching for a second?! I love when these three get to match, and I plan on fully taking advantage of it while they still let me. All pieces shown are from the Navy Gingham Collection that launched May 7th!

Mason (my 8 year old) is wearing the Short Sleeve Rash Guard and Boys Swim Trunks both in size 6-8. He loves the zipper feature on the front of this rash guard, because it makes it easier to take off and he can wear it unzipped!

Maddison (my 6 year old) is wearing the Girls 3 Piece Set in 5T. This set includes a long sleeve rash guard, shorts and a tankini. This set is super handy for little ones who tend to be indecisive about the rash guard!

Maxson (my 2 year old) is wearing the Long Sleeve Romper Swimsuit in 2T. He’s a little dude so this is a tad big on him, but that just means will get plenty of wear out of it!

Some info about SwimZip

SwimZip was started by Betsy Johnson who was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26. She set out to create UPF 50+ clothing in hopes of helping other avoid the same fate.Click HERE to read the full story on their website!

Happy first day of summer loves! I hope you all get to go on adventures and make the best memories! Stay tuned for more of our summer fun here and on IG!