About Us

Welcome to our blog! This is a new adventure, and I am not 100% sure where it will lead us, but I’m excited to jump in! I wanted a place that I could reference back to for things people frequently ask me about- like recipes, outfits and essential oil tips! I’m not the type of person who is creative enough to come here on a regular basis and give you fun new posts. The posts here will be more of a sporadic, I have a few quick minutes so I’ll type this up, kind of deal.

A little about us-We are a family of 5 living in the heart of Wyoming, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
My husband, Jeremy, is the hard working back bone to our family. He’s always looking for our next project, and dreaming of what’s next. Its one of my favorite things about him because it evens out my level headed, take it day by day, outlook on life.
I’m Jerika. I am your typical hot mess stay at home mom. No fancy job, or cash cow side hustle. Just ”mom”. And in this season that’s enough for me. With that being said, I have been craving a little creativity in my life- and I’m hoping an occasional post here will help fulfill that.

Then there is the little Littles.
Mason. Our curious, clever, adventurous 7 year old. He is a tender hearted boy who can tell you the most random facts and loves using his imagination.
Maddi. The head strong 5 year old. She has a love for all things “girl” but isn’t afraid to get dirty. She’s fluent in eye rolls, hilarious random thoughts, and sweet giggles.
Max. Our calm, go with the flow 1 1/2 year old. He loves anything with an engine, balls, and chasing the big kids wherever they go.

If you got through all of that without loosing interest, you’re a gem. 😉 I’ll be attempting to keep the rest of the content here short and sweet, starting now! 😘

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