Girls Night at El Five

Last month I had the opportunity to travel and meet up with some of the best internet friends for a much need mom’s weekend in Denver. To kick it off we got dressed up and had a night out hosted by the restaurant, El Five! With a detailed and diverse Tapas menu, we were all a little out of our element, but excited to try something out of our comfort zone.

Upon arriving we were instantly drawn in by the gorgeous fifth floor view of downtown Denver and the intimate feel of the restaurant. The restaurant has a edgy and unique vibe with perfectly placed mirror accents and gorgeous wall portraits. Another fun addition is the chefs counter if you prefer a more interactive dinner experience.

I was highly impressed by the attention to detail and diverse seating areas! Our table was in the main dining area, next to the chefs counter and provided a great view of the restaurant and downtown. Despite it being a busy Friday night, the intimate seating area allowed us to still enjoy each other’s company.

Possibly my FAVORITE part was the patio. With those downtown Denver views on one side and the mountains on the other, it was absolutely breathtaking. It was a little too chilly to be seated out there at the beginning of February, but if the weather would have permitted it would have been my area of choice!

If you find yourself in Denver and wanting to try something new and different, I would recommend El Five! Make sure to take a look at my friend Alecia’s blog post for a detailed review of the tapas menu HERE, and Sam’s post HERE for a closer look at the AMAZING drink menu!

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