Outdoor Water Play Must Haves!

Summer temps have finally hit here in Wyoming, which means you’ll find the kids and I outside with our favorite water play items nearly everyday!

We LOVE park trips, but high temps make it hard to go any time but early mornings or evenings. My kids would spend all day outside if I let them, so we some fun water play items that keep us outside, but not melting from the heat!

Our most used item so far this summer is our H2OGo! Blob. It’s essentially a giant water trampoline /slip and slide, AKA the best thing ever. 😉 It is also on sale right now! I rarely see it for anything other than full price.

We also love this Bonzai Splash Pad Game! It’s like twister with the added fun of sprinklers. We’ve had it for 2 years and it’s still a favorite!

On days that they want to “swim”, we use our spray pool! It is medium sized and all three kids can fit comfortably. They love the spray feature for a little added fun.

For little ones who aren’t huge fans of jumping in to the cold water yet (like my youngest), water tables are a great alternative! It gives the younger kids something do while the big kids are playing in the water.

Aside from all of these great products, we have a few other products that we love for summer time! Native Shoes are THE best water/summer shoe. They are so well made and stay on tiny toddler feet, which is a HUGE win for me! These Old Navy are a great budget-friendly option! We are big fans of June & January’s hooded towels, but they no longer sell them. I found some similar here.

I am not a huge fan of hot temps, but enjoy summer time a little more because of these items! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Pinterest for more summer fun ideas!

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